Half-Quebecois Man Separates From Himself


In a major innovative surgical operation and one of the first of its kind, Antoine Lavoie successfully separated from himself, though sadly, he died shortly afterwards.

Born to a Quebecois father and dominating English Mother…


Scientists Discover American ‘Exceptionalism’ Gene


In a shocking discovery, an international team of biologists, led by the famous Dr. Gibbons, a renowned Dutch geneticist, have discovered a unique ‘American’ gene. Coined ‘the exceptional gene’ by the press, it seems to occur naturally in all natural born American citizens. The effects of this gene,…

Atheist Suicide Bomber Kills Eighteen Agnostics


n a frightening display of rising sectarian violence, an atheist suicide bomber blew himself up on a busy street in Stockholm three days ago; killing eighteen agnostics and wounding over thirty. Members of the ‘Swedish Atheistic Liberation Front’ (SALF) have claimed responsibility for the bombing….